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    Sales Handbook

    The Sales Handbook documents your sales processes, tools and techniques into an easy-to-use manual to help improve sales effectiveness.  We define you core sales process with you from Identification of opportunity through to closure and then align the tools and templates with the relevant sections.

    No longer do the Sales Teams need all of their training manuals or presentations at hand.  In a single document, the Sales Teams have everything they need to enable them to do their jobs effectively.

    Metta Group Consulting Sydney, Australia

    Sales Assessment

    Sales Assessment

    The Sales Assessment focuses on the four key elements of ‘Sales Effectiveness’, namely:

    1. Sales Process – Do you have common processes to manage your sales territories, accounts, opportunities and pipeline?
    2. Organisation Structure – Does the way you sell align with the way the client wants to buy, and are the support functions aligned with Sales?
    3. People - Do the people have the skills and knowledge to execute the processes and are they motivated to do so?
    4. Tools & Technology – Do you capture the key customer and sales data in your systems and do the Sales Teams proactively use them?

    This is carried out via a series of interviews and presented back in the form of a 2 hour presentation to senior management highlighting our ‘Observations and Recommendations’.

    Metta Group Consulting Sydney, Australia

    Sales Academy

    The Metta Sales Academy concept is to provide a structured approach to improve the effectiveness of your sales organisation and your channel partners by becoming the enablement ‘Centre of Excellence’.  It will be the catalyst for business growth by providing highly tailored programs and tools to enhance your ability to identify, win, retain and grow profitable customers across all market segments. For a more expansive outline of our Sales Academy download the program outline here

    “Metta are a true partner – In 2011, Lumesse went to market to find a partner for our Sales academy and selected the Metta group out of a pool of 8 vendors. The ambition was to create a common language and a common approach for our international sales force, evolve the sales culture, and improve sales results.  The Metta Groups sales methodologies and associated sales tools makes driving adoption so easy, but much of the success of the Sales academy relies on the credibility of the people imparting knowledge to your teams, and on this side the Metta Group is unrivalled.  Lumesse could not have asked for a better partner to work with, and I recommend the services of the Metta Group to any international business who takes change and driving results seriously.“

    Thibaut Legendre – Head of Sales Operations, Lumesse

    Metta Group Consulting Sydney, Australia

    Growth Planning

    We help to develop your Growth Strategy, and then put practical plans in place to execute it.  Research shows that only 1:10 companies effectively execute their Growth Strategy, but by using the Metta ‘Growth Planning Methodology’ it enables you to develop actionable plans that align with your goal.

    The ‘Metta Growth Planning Methodology’ focuses on, not just ‘Performance’ (traditional sales focus such as revenue, profit, EBITDA etc.), but also on ‘Organisational Health’ (e.g. culture, leadership, motivation, employee satisfaction etc.).  McKinsey research (311,000 people across 400 companies) has proven that the healthiest companies are more than twice as likely to have EBITDA margins above their industry median.  Metta has the tools, techniques and approaches to enable you to do this.

    Metta Group Consulting Sydney, Australia

    Developing Constructive Cultures

    A critical component of the ‘health’ of a company is its culture.  Culture is about the way things are done and the way people behave.  Too often we find that companies’ cultures are too aggressive or too passive.  Both are reflected in the experience that the customer receives.  Having a ‘Constructive Culture’ is deemed to be the most successful across all industries.  A Constructive Culture means that people interact with each other and approach tasks in ways that will help them to meet their higher-order satisfaction needs.  They pursue a standard of excellence, maintain personal integrity, and are supportive of one another.  This drives the following outcomes:


    • People are satisfied with their department & like working for their organisation
    • People are motivated to do the best job possible
    • There is a lot of teamwork & cooperation with their co-workers
    • People make customers feel welcome, take time to listen to customers and deliver what they promise
    • People get a lot of repeat business and they have a reputation for excellent customer service


    The Metta approach is to define your desired culture and build the roadmap to get there.