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    Customer Service

    Customer Service and Sales Support are two critical elements of any Retention or Growth Strategy.  By delivering great Customer Service the client is likely to want to purchase more products and services from you.  Also having the Sales Support Team proactively involved in the sales process will add additional value to the customer and could be a key differentiator from the competition in winning new business.

    Metta Group Consulting Sydney, Australia

    Sales Support

    Sales Support Program

    Is a highly interactive 2-day program that maximizes the return from the non-sales teams who work with customers by leveraging their often trusted positions and relationships to identify opportunities that will benefit your organisation and the customer.

    SSP will help Engineers, Post-Sales Teams, Managed Services Teams and Project Teams to have a better understanding of the sales environment and the customer environment to enable them to be more aware of the potential opportunities in the account. They will learn how to build trust and credibility with the customer; how to add value and be able to articulate that value in the form of a Value Proposition to differentiate their products and services from the competition. To use questioning and listening techniques to unearth the real needs of the client. They will learn how decisions are really made and how they can influence those decisions and how to handle objections and be able to turn them into opportunities. Once they have identified and qualified the opportunity to then be able to have an effective conversation with the sales person to get them engaged.