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    To many of our clients we have become Trusted Advisors with testimonials from delighted customers across many industries.


    Metta makes a measurable difference


    When we work with individuals, teams and companies we have a major impact on you and your business.  We achieve our goals when you achieve yours, so we endeavour to provide quantitative and qualitative improvements to enable you to achieve your desired outcomes and return on investment.  The following are some of our testimonials, across industry of delighted customers over many years:


    o   Guy Langley, COO, Lumesse Talent Management Software Company -  Many write about selling, few can do so with such credibility and even fewer understand and are able to articulate what it is they do that makes them successful.”


    o   Paul Appleby, SVP Enterprise Sales, – “It has been my privilege to work with Clive over the past 10 years as he has coached and mentored many of my teams around best practices in Enterprise Sales. His approach has been a key factor in both the success of these teams and some of the very large transactions that they closed during that time.” 


    o   William Hill, Group Vice President, GAC Shipping & LogisticsOver several years, Clive has inspired us to become more successful and effective in our ambition to increase sales performance in a logical and consistent manner.”


    o   Paul Schroder, GM Growth, AustralianSuper“Metta has made a significant contribution to our Fund’s ability to understand the importance of growth and how to achieve it in a sustainable way, in addition to helping us to win and secure many key clients.”


    o   Olivia Leong, Regional Director, Visa Corporation – “Over the past 11 years I have known Clive as a business partner and coach.  He effectively imparts sound and applicable thought leadership in the area of sales and account management.  Clive’s high impact delivery and professional experience, will inspire, motivate and empower sales professionals to excel and succeed.”


    o   Leo Kaloglou, GM Komatsu – “Metta have achieved Trusted Advisor status with us through their knowledge, skills and practical approaches to help us to become a much more effective and customer centric organization.”