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    Sales Coaching

    Sales coaching maximises the sales results from individual sales people by helping them change key behaviours.

    This behavior could be attitudinal (like encouraging persistence or action orientation) or skill based (like listening or closing). TheĀ coaching follows the international coaching federation GROW model where Goals are set, Reality interrogated, Options explored and then actions agreed and Wrapped up.

    1. Developmental Coaching

    This option is self-directed by the sales person who chooses the goal and nominates the preferred outcomes. The manager then guides the sales person through a tailored combination of developmental coaching techniques. Developmental coaching is suitable for the achievement of any sales outcome chosen by the sales person.

    2. Performance Coaching

    Performance Coaching is for situations where the manager chooses the goal to be achieved by the sales person. This style of coaching is useful where there is below standard sales performance and the manager must encourage behaviour or attitudinal change.

    Metta use techniques recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) to achieve lasting results. METTA coaching is suitable for goals such as achieving high sales performance, influencing people, making important presentations, negotiating high stakes deals or dealing internally. The process of sales coaching is illustrated in the coaching model below.