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    Executive Coaching

    Coaching assists you to bring out the best in yourself. By engaging in a coaching relationship, you can expect to gain new perspectives and achieve  meaningful goals.

    We recommend that coaching commences with a recognized 360 feedback tool to set a context for the coaching conversation and to allow for specific behavior goal setting.

    The Metta approach to coaching is about:

    1. Setting goals and then staying on track
    2. Creating solutions
    3. Gaining new perspectives on values and beliefs
    4. Understanding how you can change your thoughts and behaviours
    5. Reflection, insight and action
    6. Improving your overall sense of wellbeing
    7. Developing and executing a personal development plan

    Positive Psychology is the context for our coaching work. This approach looks at the link between overall wellbeing and corporate performance. Recent research indicates people who are happy and well also deliver a wide range of benefits to their organization such as:

    1. Better health – live longer, less illness
    2. More effective relationships internally and with customers
    3. Make more money
    4. More resilient and action oriented
    5. Are more effective leaders
    6. Receive better client and colleague feedback

    A Metta Executive coaching program is tailored for the specific needs of the particular individual coached and is designed to assist executives gain and maintain maximum levels of professional effectiveness.