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    Metta Group Consulting Sydney, Australia

    Sales Leadership Program

    Sales Leadership is critical to any organisation. It is often the difference between achieving mediocre results and great results.  Sales executives and managers need to be able to maximise the performance of their teams to achieve their sales targets and build sustainable growth.  This growth needs to be planned through the Business Planning process, so you know where growth is likely to come from and so you can resource accordingly.


    Metta Group Consulting Sydney, Australia

    Channel & Partner Management

    Effective partnering is critical to organisations that use the in-direct route to market.  Unfortunately, many partnerships and alliances fail due to fundamental misunderstandings between the two parties.  It is vital that both parties understand each other’s business expectations, their roles and responsibilities for the partnership, and the value that each party brings to the relationship.  The Metta partnering programs enable organisations to partner more effectively, whether at the strategic end of the partnering scale or at the reseller end.