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    Sales Process

    Process is the major driver of sales productivity.  By having the right processes with a common language and approach across your sales territories, accounts, opportunities and pipeline, you will become more efficient and ultimately more effective in driving customer advocacy and sales results.

    We provide these processes to enable you to turn common sense into common practice and where appropriate into best practice.

    Metta Group Consulting Sydney, Australia


    We often here that, ‘People are our greatest asset’ but they can also be our greatest liability if they do not have the necessary skills to do their jobs.  The currency of their skills is critical to ensure that they can continue to add value to their customers (internal and external) in the ever-changing business world.

    In Sales, you can have the best plans in the world or the best processes, but unless the Sales Team can execute them, they just remain the best plans or process and your bottom line suffers as a result. Therefore, ‘People who have great skills are our greatest asset!’  We can train your people to have those skills.